Day of Confrontation 2017

This year’s Day of Confrontation looked beyond pure economics to understand the driving forces of change in a global society.

Old business models are being overturned, and consumers are harnessing technology to win more power, choice and economic freedom. But how real is this freedom? How do we explain the growing political discontent around the world? What does it mean for Australia and how can we navigate our way through such turbulent times?

This year’s speakers included former Minister for Foreign Affairs the Hon Bob Carr, Shark Tank star Naomi Simson, and global expert on the Collaborative Economy, Rachel Botsman. Our expert speakers and panellists explored the biggest issues facing Australia and the world, covering a range of different perspectives, from the commercial to the technological to the geopolitical.

 The Day of Confrontation is an opportunity to:

  • Understand why we are stuck in a low growth equilibrium
  • Challenge your view of our role in the world
  • Hear from speakers at the forefront of the people-powered economy
  • Learn how to build passion for your business and brand
  • Explore how investment in harmful products such as tobacco is decreasing in popularity
  • Get a new perspective on the forces shaping our economy and society


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